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Website design can become a little overwhelming for someone who is attempting to build a new website with little to no experience. You just want to get a good looking website up and running There are numerous ways to build a website on various platforms, even Google has a website builder these days. So what platform do you choose? What’s the easiest way to get a website up and running? How do I purchase a domain name and why get web hosting for a new website. What is WordPress? How to install and configure WordPress and how to use the easiest website builder available, Elementor . We will show you and if you think you can’t do it Semper Fi Design will personally guide you along the way. 


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What platform do I use, which is best for ease of use and quality design?

GoDaddy, Wix,, Squarespace,  and other companies offer a wide range of products from buying domain names, website hosting and other website related services. They can be great for the beginner to throw a quick website together. But if you really want a easy and powerful website builder Elementor for WordPress is the way to go.

“It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.

Napoleon Hill

Here is one of the best websites I’ve seen from Wix, a Marine veteran started the “Warrior Surf Foundation” “Warrior Surf Foundation” Founded by American Combat Veterans and surfers in May of 2015 on Folly Beach, SC, Warrior Surf Foundation addresses post-service transition challenges such as PTSD, moral injury, survivor’s guilt, and TBI through surf therapy, yoga, wellness sessions, and community. Check out the great things Warrior Surf Foundation is doing  at


This website design looks great and can be done over a weekend or a few days a week if you really work at it. Semper Fi Design first website was built on GoDaddy, but we have found a much simpler way to build websites with good design with Elementor the plugin for WordPress.

It take a few extra steps to set up but with a hosting company like Bluehost, its super simple. You can buy your domain name, host your website for a couple dollars a month and install WordPress within minutes.

What’s the easiest way to build a quality website?

Semper Fi Design has built websites on multiple platforms such as GoDaddy, Wix, Dreamhost(a close comparison to Bluehost) and simply HTML pages from scratch. If you know a little bit of how to read and understand HTML code, I suggest you check these awesome templates out. But the easiest way we have found is with Elementor. It’s basically drag and drop website builder that anyone can learn to use. You can pick out a template and use it like it is or easily add and take what you need and want on the site. There’s plenty of free website design templates available for Elementor and if you want premium access to Elementor’s full service with premium features unlike any other website design builder upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Whats HTML? Should I use popular website companies like GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress or other companies that have website builders.

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HTML is the code that’s the backbone of any and all webpages. CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) are files with lines of code that complement HTML by adding attributes to the elements in HTML code.  Only use HTML based templates if you know a little about how to read it and plan to use it for new website. Companies that offer an a la carte menu of anything you need for website design and web hosting typically have some sort of website builder attached to their monthly subscription. We have used most of them before for clients and eventually moved away from them after learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress. 

Then we discovered Elementor and Elementor Pro for WordPress which is relatively new and really easy to use. Semper Fi Design teaches you how to change, add and update their website designed with Elementor Pro is offered free with our website design packages.

Two questions to ask yourself before you start building a website. How much time do you have to learn how to build a great looking site? How much effort are you willing to put into it to get your website up and running?

Realistaclly, only 3% of people who start building a website, build it to completion and actually launch the site successfully. The other 97% are built by freelancers and website designers like Semper Fi Design.

If you have some time dedicate it to learning what you need to learn and you don’t have to worry about spending the money up front to pay for website design. If it’s a business website and you need to start making sales asap then consider Shopify it has an easy website builder with all the options you need to run an online store. What ever kind of website you are building, if you are actually building it, can be done pretty quickly if you have the time. If you need any assistant in any website design project shoot us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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