Elevate Your Shopping Experience with Premium Apparel & Other Swag

Dress your best and toast to success with the Semper Fi Design Shop,
where your lifestyle meets top-notch design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Why It's More Than Just Another Shop

As the frontrunner in multimedia production for over two decades, Semper Fi Design has now curated an exclusive graphic t-shirt and apparel line. This extension of our brand allows you to bring a piece of our expertise into your everyday life.

What Makes Semper Fi Design Shop Unique?

Meeting Customer Desires

After listening to the requests from our valued clients and stakeholders, we’ve ventured into creating products that let you carry the Semper Fi Design spirit wherever you go.

Complementing Our Core Business

The Semper Fi Design Shop seamlessly aligns with our multimedia production services, making it an obvious next step in our journey towards business diversification and client engagement.

The Semper Fi Design Shop Wardrobe Collections

Look out for our weekly releases that now also include hats, hoodies, and beanies to complete your look.

T-Shirts, Hoodies and More, That Speak Your Language

Our T-shirts are more than just pieces of fabric; they’re canvases that articulate style, comfort, and sophistication.

Toast to Excellence

Our drinkware isn’t just about utility; it’s about making every sip a tribute to quality and innovation.

Limited Edition Apparel

Keep an eye out for our seasonal and limited edition releases, handcrafted to perfection for our discerning audience.

A Closer Look at Our Curated Collections

Long Live Live Music Collection

This collection “Long Live Live Music” is inspired by the live music scene that will never die, no matter what, our souls will sing and gather!

Live Free Or Die Trying Collection

This collection “Live Free or Die Trying” is for you resilient folks out there who make the best out of life, and refuse to lose or ever give up. 

Revivalution Wear Collection

couple WITH COOL T SHIRTS made by semper fi design


Drinkware That Elevates Every Moment—And More!

From coffee mugs to water bottles, our drinkware combines durability with design, making sure you’re always drinking in style. But why stop there? Our weekly updates extend the collection to feature cups and more, ensuring that every sip you take reflects the high-quality standards of Semper Fi Design.

How to Shop with Us

User-Friendly Shopping Experience

Our e-commerce platform is designed to make your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable, from product selection to checkout.

Security Meets Convenience

Rest assured that your data is secure with our range of trusted payment gateways.

What’s on the Horizon?


Hot Deals: Tech Gear When You Least Expect It! 


Unmissable Offers

We occasionally stock tech gear, from branded USB drives to high-quality headphones, as part of our special hot deals. Don’t miss out!

Seasonal Releases

Watch out for our upcoming seasonal apparel and drinkware collections. Each season promises a new range to reflect your evolving style and needs.

Your Voice, Our Design

We value your input and have future plans to involve the community in shaping the next wave of our collection.

graphic t shirt by semper fi design
Closeup Video Cameraman taking photograp to the stage, event and seminar production
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