New Business Owner’s Guide to Hiring Veterans

Lexington New Business Owner’s Guide  to Hiring Veterans

Approximately 19 million Americans are veterans, and they’re often an untapped resource when it comes to hiring. An increasing number of companies are launching hiring initiatives specifically designed to target hiring veterans, and with good reason. Veterans often bring a lot to the table, both when it comes to technical capability and soft skills. Plus, they can benefit their employers in other ways.

If you’re a new business owner in Lexington, SC, seizing opportunities to hire veterans is wise. Semper Fi Design discusses what you need to know about the benefits, the types of roles that suit them, and how to connect with veterans in the area.

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Veterans typically have highly developed skillsets. Training and professional development are both parts of the ongoing military experience. As a result, veterans usually have significant know-how in their area of expertise.

Additionally, veterans are adept at using their skills in stressful situations in many cases. As a result, they may be particularly well-equipped to respond to shifting priorities or unexpected developments during the workday.

Veterans also commonly have certain other qualities that translate well in the workplace. Accountability, leadership, and trustworthiness are often part of the equation. Plus, they are team-oriented and aren’t afraid of challenges. In most cases, veterans are also highly loyal, so they may have longer tenure if they’re respected and supported by an employer.

Plus, you may capture some tax benefits. By hiring eligible veterans, you might qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, allowing you to reduce what you owe when it’s time to file.

The easiest and most effective way to generate business is through word-of-mouth referrals. If you don’t know where to start, ask people who’ve used your business in the past. Previous customers can be the best advocates for your company. Asking friends and family is always a great idea, too.

Jobs Where Veterans Typically Thrive

Generally speaking, a veteran may thrive in any kind of role. Military members can have surprisingly varied skill sets, as the military needs service members to handle a wide range of jobs. Since that’s the case, they may flourish in IT, security, warehousing, public safety, or any number of other positions.

However, veterans may do best with certain kinds of managers. Generally, military members are straightforward, and they’re used to clear expectations. Transactional leadership is a widespread approach in essentially every branch. If a manager can adopt a similar style, it may help veterans excel.

Connecting With Veterans in Lexington

If you want to hire veterans, you’ll need a plan to connect with them directly. One option is to reach out to veteran service organizations in the area. They may be able to give you insights regarding places to advertise openings.

You can also turn to websites that focus on connecting veterans with opportunities.,, and are all examples of places where you can learn more about hiring veterans and, potentially, post job listings.

Attending job fairs is another excellent option. Some job fairs focus on veterans specifically, though general ones that target the public at large can also be an effective approach. Similarly, networking events can be another strategy worth considering.

Make sure you have some business cards on-hand at all times. Then, when you meet a capable veteran, you have something tangible to give them. Often, business cards make a lasting impression and are far more visible than email. Plus, it can create a memorable moment. Finally, designing personalized business cards is simple. You can take advantage of pre-made templates in an online business card maker – adding images and text while adjusting the colors and fonts – to create something uniquely yours in mere minutes.

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